The STELLAR DÉCOLLETAGE regime is a total skin care regime, consisting of gentle cleansing, daily skin nutrition, skin regeneration, hydration and protection for the neck, breast and décolletage.

Products work independently to give high performance results, or use together to form an exceptional regime.

We encourage all women to incorporate the neck, breast and décolletage into their skincare routine. 


Luminous Perfector - Treatment Polish 165ml
Luminous PerfectorTreatment Polish 165ml

Improves skin tone and elasticity. Exfoliates, refines pores and prepares skin for deep conditioning. Leaves your neck, breast and décolletage cleansed, radiant and silky smooth. Contains Lime Pearl™ a natural source of AHAs, perfectly sized Jojoba spheres, provide gentle physical exfoliant action, a complex of three types of Vitamin B help maintain optimum skin health - Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 , the anti-ageing superstar Vitamin C and the powerful antioxidant Vitamin E.

By gently removing the built up layers of dead surface skin, you will quickly see smoother, brighter looking skin beneath. The combination of leave-on AHA and micro Jojoba spheres fit the narrower pores of your décolletage and provide optimum results, leaving your skin refined and illuminated.


Velvet Restore - Sleep Complex 150ml
Velvet RestoreSleep Complex 150ml

Luxurious anti-ageing conditioning treatment. Deeply nourishing, repairs and aids skin cell regeneration of your breast and décolletage. Contains MPC™ Milk Peptide Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, the advanced moisture delivery system of SalSphere® AquaSkin, a complex of three types of Vitamin B help maintain optimum skin health, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which helps prevent the signs of premature ageing.



Elixir Extraordinaire - Dry Oil Mist 100ml
Elixir ExtraordinaireDry Oil Mist 100ml

This unique blend of six oils hydrates and conditions, leaving skin soft and supple. Incredibly lightweight, this dry oil is absorbed easily into your skin. Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. Use daily for long term skin benefits. Contains Inca Inchi Oil a powerful anti-ageing ingredient, Macadamia Oil contains Omega 6, Shea Butter boosts hydration levels and strengthens your skin, Sweet Almond Oil has rejuvenating properties, Jojoba Seed Oil acts as a natural skin conditioner and Borage Oil soothes and can relieve breast tenderness.


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