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THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST - Time to Re-think your skincare routine?

THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST - Time to Re-think your skincare routine?

We’ve (all) been there? Your finely-tuned skincare routine has suddenly plateau’d. Now you look like you’re just slapping on any old cheap moisturiser, the products don’t get along any more (argh!) so what’s the answer?

Hormones (!) Pregnancy (and with it, increased HGC and progesterone), skin tags, itchy rashes, breakouts, new pigmentation, menopause, adult-onset acne…the list is pretty endless and sometimes hormones feel like those invisible dictators that just wreck our emotions, health and skin from within – when they’re out of balance. What to do? Because skincare products don’t adapt to skin changes, you’ll need to adapt your routine and switch out products.

How long has this been going on? Skin just seems to become immune to its “regime” after a while – how many months this is, varies, and while there’s no discernible reason why this happens as everything was going so well (!), view it as a chance to try other brands you’ve had your eye on – chances are you’ll find a new skincare star you actually prefer to your past love(s).

You’re not zone-targeting. If you’re a one product fits all person and rush out of the door in the morning after cleansing and moisturising, it might be time to properly target specific areas like the more delicate eye or above the mouth lip area (another bane of our existence when we get older!) In this year’s awards, we saw more zone-targeted treatments, including Hand Serums (Kiss The Moon do a fab “overnight hand treatment”) while Stellar Decolletage is the first neck, breast and decolletage brand to specifically formulate products for that whole zone.

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