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WOMEN'S HEALTH - The neck's best thing

WOMEN'S HEALTH  - The neck's best thing

Fantastic piece in this month's featuring our Luminous Perfector Treatment Polish and a quote from Helen, our Founder.

"I´ve always led and outdoors lifestyle and this took a toll on my skin, specifically my décolletage area. Walking dogs, cycling and fjord dipping in all weathers. I felt a change in my skin, almost a thickening".

"I could´t find any products that targeted this area, so I started blending a mix of premium skincare products and applying them to my chest and neck. When I saw the amazing results, I began to work with a chemist to create products combining facial grade active ingredients with hard working naturals, that gave visibly noticeable results".

The neck, breast and décolletage have far fewer oil glands than the face, therefore the pore shapes here are different, smaller and more narrow. Décolletage skin is thinner and more delicate than that of the body, so Stellar Décolletage has used a 200 micron physical exfoliant combined with the power of Lime Pearl AHAs to cleanse these pores effectively leaving the skin silly and radiant. (normal body exfoliant particle size 500-800 microns)

The Elixir Extraordinaire Dry Oil Mist, has antimicrobial properties that encourage perfect skin health and Omega 6 that restores the skins natural barrier function. 

A post sport routine to keep your décolletage in perfect condition!