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Winter Proof Your Skin

Winter Proof Your Skin

We're delighted to welcome back skincare expert  Natalie Fisher, aka The Derm Nurse. We're lucky enough to have Natalie write a series of guest blogs for us, where she shares her knowledge on all things skin!

It feels so very apt to be sitting here writing about the effects of winter on your skin when this morning I woke up to one of the hardest frosts! Absolutely stunning to look at but my goodness, that was cold and to top it off I couldn’t find my ice scraper!! Always the way isn’t it, I can see it kicking around in the car during the warmer months, then the moment I need it, it seems to have mysteriously disappeared! Just me?

The colder months usually mean my clinics are a little busier than usual with the cold contributing to flares in eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. Sometimes I compare these chaotic, crammed winter clinics with how the country comes to a standstill when it snows….essentially it comes down to lack of preparation and being caught out unexpectedly! Now I’m not suggesting that if your skin becomes dry and irritated you should take full responsibility, no, far from it. There are so many contributing factors when it comes to our skin and how it is behaving. What I am saying is that with a little extra preparation, maybe we can reduce the effects of the colder weather on our skin. So how can we start preparing to ‘winterproof’ our skin?

Let's first start by looking at the main offenders. Cold air, low humidity and those chilly winter winds can all strip your skin of moisture. Add to that taking long hot baths and turning the heating up inside and you have the perfect recipe for dry skin. You can almost see it happening can’t you, dry sore hands and cracked lips just to top it off!

Much like we would layer on clothing in the winter, this is how we should think about using our skincare. I often read comments on social media from people getting themselves into a pickle over what order to layer products on. Put very simply thinnest to thickest generally works. Start with your thin watery serums, then lead on to lotions and creams. And as with clothing, you may need to add an extra layer of moisturiser into your regime during the winter months. 

For body care, I cannot stress enough moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Apply immediately after bathing/showering, whilst your skin is still damp, to trap the moisture remaining on your skin. Look for ingredients such as ceramides, urea, squalene, shea butter, colloidal oatmeal and omegas all of which have wonderful hydrating properties. Most of the time in clinic, I see patients with dry skin, they simply aren’t using their moisturiser frequently enough. View your moisturiser like a medicine for the skin. Don’t underestimate the importance of it in your skincare regime. 

I think we are all becoming so wonderfully educated about various skincare active ingredients, that we forget how important the ‘basics’ are. Hydrated skin is happy skin, with the added perk of plumping out fine lines and making skin generally appear more youthful!

So winter proofing your skin essentially means anticipating for the colder weather, anticipating the effects this will have on your skin and preparing by stepping up your moisturising game!

Best wishes, 

Natalie |The Derm Nurse 

We agree with Natalie when it comes to the importance of keeping your neck and décolletage hydrated during the winter months. Natalie talked about Shea butter and omegas as  'go to' ingredients to keep the skin both strengthened and nourished.

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