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Why Skincare for the décolletage?

Why Skincare for the décolletage?

As with hands, your neck can give your age away faster than a glance at your passport. Even smooth-skinned British beauties tend to ignore what happens below the chin-line – in fact, for many women, a cursory swipe with moisturiser constitutes neck care. The result? Sagginess, wrinkles, tell-tale crêpiness. In short, a neck and décolletage that looks older than the rest of you.

Yet on the Continent, it’s a different story. There, the neck is an erogenous zone, on which TLC is regularly lavished. The result? Necks that stay firmer, smoother and more swan-like for longer. As Paris-based facialist Jickie Leray explains, ‘French women regard their neck and décolletage as an extension of their faces. So everything they do for their face – cleansing, protecting, ritually moisturising – is extended right down to the bust-line.’ And if your new beauty resolution is to take more care of your neck, that’s a pretty good blueprint.

As we age, growth hormone production drops - oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels fall, leaving the skin less able to repair and regenerate itself. The slowing down of collagen production from your 30s onwards also affects the feel and appearance of skin. 

The delicate skin of the neck, breast and décolletage is unique, it has more in common with facial skin than the skin of the body. Skin in this area is thin and constantly under stresses from gravity, movement, abrasion and perspiration. It has fewer oil glands and therefore pores here remain smaller and more narrow. 

Active ingredients have traditionally been associated with our facial skincare products and up until now the décolletage has been largely ignored by both traditional skin and body care regimes. 

Award winning STELLAR DÉCOLLETAGE products effectively target wrinkle depth, loss of firmness and elasticity, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and restore the natural moisture balance within the layers of the skin.

The French word décolleté, literally translates to “wearing a low-neck dress.” If you’ve been defaulting to turtlenecks because of a less than perfect ´neck and dec´, get ready to take the plunge thanks to our new products and treatments for a resurfaced, smoother and firmer décolletage.






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