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What is THE key ingredient for your autumn skincare?

What is THE key ingredient for your autumn skincare?

Hyaluronic Acid, is without a doubt the essential ingredient for your autumn skincare routine. Our bodies produce it and it´s now included in many of our favourite skincare products.

We each have around 15g of hyaluronic acid in our bodies and approximately one third of this is regenerated each day. By the time we reach our 40´s we simply aren't able to produce enough to satisfy our body´s needs. We are left with roughly half of the levels we had in our 20´s. 

It plays an important role as the ´shock absorber´ for our joints, supports the structure of healthy gums, but where hyaluronic acid deficiency is most visible, is in the feel and appearance of our skin as we age. 

The most effective way to keep topped up with this skin loving ´superfood´ is to incorporate products into our skincare routine, that not only contain active levels, but that encourage the body to boost its own supply. Hyaluronic acid is a widely used active ingredient, across a spectrum of products and is available in molecule sizes 0 - 6, size zero being the smallest and most able to absorb easily into the deeper layers of the skin.

Half of all our hyaluronic acid is located in the collagen building blocks of our skin, so to keep producing and absorbing this ´skin superfood´ is certainly the key to fewer wrinkles and plumped healthy looking skin.








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