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Your Skin and LED Light Therapy

Your Skin and LED Light Therapy

You can't help but notice the surge of LED devices that have come onto the market in recent years. They are the single most purchased beauty device in the UK over the past 12 months and have been responsible for great results, say their many avid users.

Light emitting diode therapy, (LED) is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, including red, yellow and blue.  NASA originally developed the technology in relation to plant growth experiments on shuttle missions and later found it to have positive results for wound treatment and healing.

Our body has the ability to absorb light and convert it into energy, just like plants. Light Therapy works in a similar way and emits UV-free, beneficial light energy onto the skin. This in turn can help with inflammation or redness, skin ageing, or improve acne prone skin, depending on the wave length and colour of light used.

LED therapy uses light in the visible spectrum – including blue, yellow, amber and red, as well as light beyond the visible spectrum to penetrate different depths of skin.

As the light wavelength increases, so does the depth of penetration. This light is absorbed by receptors in the skin, just like topical skincare and each colour of light stimulates a different response in the skin. The great news is that LED light therapy has been shown to be suitable for use for all skin types, tones and age groups.

Research has proven that LED treatments can effectively treat a multitude of skin concerns, but the results are cumulative, meaning you won’t see long-term benefits from that single salon trip you treat yourself to once a year. If regular appointments aren’t an option, an at-home device could be the answer.

There are specific LED Masks for the face, eye area, neck and chest plus hand held LED devices for more local use. The LED canopies we are used to seeing in a salon environment are now available for home use too.

What colour LED do I need?

Red: The majority of at-home LED masks offer a red light setting. At the lighter end of the spectrum, red light works to soothe inflammation and redness, while deeper shades penetrate the skin further to prompt cellular repair and circulation, resulting in a plumper, more vibrant complexion.

Blue: This antibacterial light is used to kill the bacteria that leads to breakouts, making it ideal for treating acne-prone skin. Blue light also helps purify the skin and regulate oil glands.

Amber: Less common in at-home devices, this shade works to revitalise the skin, reducing any swelling and increasing radiance.

Infrared: Invisible to the naked eye, this light penetrates deeper than any other colour in the spectrum. It combats the signs of ageing by replenishing dermal and epidermal cells, stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, and speeds up the recovery process.

One of the primary benefits of LED therapy is the absence of any downtime or discomfort, in fact, skin often looks positively glowing as soon as you slip out from behind the mask. What’s more, the healing properties of LED also make it ideal for use after salon procedures, such as peels, lasers or microneedling.

It is a relaxing way to spend 20 minutes at the end of the day, with the benefit that you don't need to leave the house to enjoy a previously considered salon experience.

It seems ideal for these darker autumn nights too!