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Keeping your assets looking their best!

Keeping your assets looking their best!

Hello, I'm Helen Erichsen and I'd like to introduce you to STELLAR DÉCOLLETAGE the first skincare regime for the breast and décolletage.

I’ve been a self confessed product junkie and skincare enthusiast, for as long as I can remember. After living an outdoors lifestyle in Scandinavia for several years, I noticed that the harsh winters, beautiful summers and fjord dipping was starting to take it´s toll on my skin in general, but especially my décolletage. On trips home to the UK I stocked up on premium skincare products and oils, determined to find the perfect active ingredients that would rejuvenate and restore my skin.

I developed one particular regime that evolved over the years and used it regularly. I was hooked and convinced that other women would love these results too, and there it began.

It was simple, I wanted to create products for the breast and décolletage that absolutely worked. Products that were effective from the very first use. 

After research, it seemed I was far from alone and over recent years there had been a number of other women searching for breast specific ´skincare´ products. Their concerns ranging from fine lines and loss of elasticity to lack of radiance and hyper pigmentation.

I enlisted the help of a beauty industry expert and formulation chemist and together we recreated and enhanced the regime, carefully choosing a combination of heavy weight actives to give amazing results. 

It was essential that all the ingredients performed a role, nothing unnecessary, no sparkle, no colour. We wanted new and innovative ingredients that layered and worked well together. Ingredients that were skin loving and most importantly effective. It was very important that the active ingredients were included at high levels to give visible results.

The formulas combine high quality facial-grade active ingredients with hard-working naturals that improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity whilst maintaining optimum skin health of this delicate area. 

STELLAR DÉCOLLETAGE is about revealing your glowing décolletage yet equally about loving the feeling of perfectly nourished and conditioned skin, whilst wearing your favourite white shirt.