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Hyaluronic Acid - Are we still in love?

Hyaluronic Acid - Are we still in love?

Since arriving on everybody's skincare wish-list a few years ago,  Hyaluronic Acid has remained a ‘go to’ ingredient in our skincare regimes.  So, does it measure up to its reputation?
Beauty experts certainly seem to think so.

When it comes to our skin we can be put off by the word ‘acid’ but Hyaluronic Acid has multiple skin-boosting benefits and in recent years has solidified itself as a skincare essential!

Our body naturally produces Hyaluronic Acid (HA),  part of its superpower lies in its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its own size in moisture.  No other biological substance can hold as much water as HA,  just one gram can hold up to a litre of water - it’s a moisture magnet!  Its one-of-a-kind ability to hold moisture allows our skin to absorb it effectively. 

HA acts as a cushion to promote collagen production, provide elasticity and flexibility which keeps us looking and feeling young!  As we age, our ability to naturally produce HA slows causing those telltale signs of ageing (fine lines and wrinkles).  So, this is when HA works its magic!  It helps our cells retain as much moisture as possible, leaving our skin feeling and appearing hydrated and healthy.

It gets better still! HA also uses its antioxidant properties to shield our skin from nasty free radicals, like pollution.  Left unshielded, free radicals can damage healthy skin cells and bring about other skin problems such as redness, dryness and skin sensitivity.

There is no time like the present to incorporate HA into your skincare regime.  Autumn and the frosty months are approaching and the air is becoming cooler and more dry,  exposing our skin to a harsh and dehydrating environment.  Its lightweight hydration is an effective yet gentle way of moisturising all skin types and replenishing your skin’s natural moisture levels.

Our Velvet Restore Sleep Complex reprograms skin’s future by boosting the production of essential proteins, collagen,  HA and elastin,  reducing wrinkle depth and improving your skin's texture and firmness.

We have used extra low weight HA,  combining it with the powerful active ingredient Milk Peptide Complex (MPC),  which promotes skin cell regeneration,  giving visible results after just one use.

Velvet Restore Sleep Complex



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